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"Create Amazing Looking Banners In Minutes Using These Brand New Premium Quality PSD Templates..."

Dear Internet Marketer,

Professional banner design can cost anywhere from $20 to $100+ PER banner. And in most cases that includes just ONE banner in ONE size - if you want your banner in more than one size you'd have to pay extra. When you have more than one product, and you need multiple banners for each product, these costs can add up really fast.

So that's when a lot people turn to DIY solutions like banner templates... but the problem with things like templates is that most of them are just not good quality, and it can take some digging around to find a quality template that's actually worth using. Also, most of these templates come in just a few sizes.

With all that in mind, I decided to put together a brand new package that takes care of all these problems. Introducing...


What makes THIS package special is that...

I focused on QUALITY over quantity, and created 10 premium banner templates instead of 100's of cheap ones.

PLUS, I also created each banner in 12 different sizes that cover pretty much every banner size you'd ever need like Leaderboard | Banner | Button | Skyscraper | Rectangle | Vertical | Square, etc..

The 12 exact banner sizes you get (for each banner) are:

120x240, 120x600, 125x125, 160x600, 180x150, 200x200, 234x60, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 468x60, 728x90.

These 10 banner templates are created in such a way that they can actually be developed further into 100's of different banners for different niches (if you wanted to do that). They're very versatile.

I tried to make every banner template unique in it's look, with a different layout, color scheme, text placement, etc. That way, instead of getting 100's of templates that pretty much look the same, and just have a different niche image...

...instead of that you get 10 great banners that are all different, and you can add ANY image of your own to each one, and develop them further into 100's of your own banners.

All of the formatting, styling, and color combinations are already in place. The whole "design" part is done, so you don't have to have an eye for that sort of thing to create a great header. It's all done for you.

You can...

  1. Use these banners as is. Just change the text to your text, and maybe add an image of your own. And boom you have a killer banner in minutes.

  2. Play around with the colors and styles. Create your own color schemes to match your site. Move things around. Customize just certain elements. And in just a few minutes you can have a fairly different and unique look.

  3. Or just take certain parts you like from a banner (like text or some effects or some layouts), and add them to any of your own existing graphics to spice them up.

You get full source files to ALL these templates, and everything you see on the banners comes on it's own layer. So there is a lot of premium graphics elements at your disposal here. These awesome banners could potentially save you hours of work, and give an added flair to your existing graphics. And that's easily worth the price of this whole package (more on price later).

Here are the banner templates
you will get...

Again, all of the elements on these banners are editable and you can add your own text, colors, images, move things around, etc..

So how much is this product?

I want to make this product affordable for everyone, and a no-brainer deal for you. So the super low price I came up with is....

Not $97 Not $77 Not $57

$14 Only!

A quality designer will usually charge you $20 - $100 for just one banner design. Here you get 10 different banners in 12 sizes each for just $17, making each banner under a dollar. I'm sure you can see the value in that. If you use just one banner in this package that will pay for this whole package and more.

I also have a money back guarantee, just in case that price is not low enough...

Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

Hope you see the value in this offer and will give this product a try. To place your order click on the link below.

Create your own banners

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P.S. These are fully layered PSD templates. Photoshop is prefered to use them, but you can also use them with any other program that opens layered PSD files (like Photoshop Elements or Gimp).

*Works on both PC and Mac

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