3D Icon Maker V2

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With Easy Icon Maker 2 you can create awesome looking 3D logos, icons, text, and much more, all in just a few minutes using a unique set of Photoshop actions and layer styles. You won’t need any expensive 3D editing program or Photoshop plugins. All of the 3D effects are done using action scripts and layer styles. This software has an entirely new set of design from the other 3D Icon Maker we are selling and only has a minimum requirement of using Adobe Photoshop C2. This software includes Icon Templates, Layer Styles, Action Scripts, and Video Instructions to help you maximize the effectiveness of the software. This product is really simple to use, and literally takes just a few minutes to get started. But you still get step-by-step video instructions to be up and running right away.


The 3D Icon Maker V2 Software is compatible in both Mac and Windows Operating System.

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