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3D Killer Icon Maker can help you create 1000 Different Icon Combinations. Icon makers come pre-installed with different shine effects, different 3D bevel effects, different color schemes, and other little touches. 3D Killer Icon Maker is a 2 in 1 icon maker to suit your needs, iOs App Icon Maker will help you for your Iphone and Ipads ,while  Social Media Icon Maker would help you create social media icons. This software or tool can create amazing looking 3D icons in minutes with the use of PSD smart templates and  can help you turn certain effects on and off, change colors in a few clicks away, change logos in a jiffy, change 3d bevel effects, can also add your own icons  or images and alot more. 


This can be used in both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. 

You need Photoshop CS4 or higher to use this.

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